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Choosing a home is one of the most important decisions of our lives and it's vital to get it right. Over the last years, we have built a reputation for building/renovating homes, commercial installations and infrastructure projects, that surpass expectations in terms of design, quality of construction, and our vision for sustainable development. Our developments encompass new villas, contemporary urban apartments, refurbished traditional family homes and innovative mixed use schemes. Many of our projects combine leading edge design while maintaining and renovating key elements from our architectural heritage. From complex developments, that combine residential and retail facilities, to family apartments or the more traditional design villas we continue to provide quality, style and sustainability.


Architectural Design

Structural- Earthquake Design

Energy Efficiency Design

Construction Permit

Cost Evaluation 

Property Valuation & Development

Land Registry Studies

Project Management/Planning

Low Energy Buildings

Engineering Surveying

Site Investigation


Construction Management & Supervision

Property Management

Building Surveying


Forensic Evaluation

Building & Land Maintenance

Service Support


Gardening Services

Pool Maintenance

Site Surveillance


Our philosophy is the total quality management: 
"Do the job properly to the highest standards of the construction industry to match the client's expectation and do it once on time within budget"
We aim to co-ordinate all your construction, building repair and maintenance needs. In other words:
"You make only one call at the outset."
We typically break a project down into five phases: forensic, design, construction, close-out and maintenance. With respect to the client's needs we choose accordingly. The services provided in each phase are briefly outlined as follows:
Forensic: Our working definition of Forensic Engineering is comprehensive and in simple terms covers those engineering inspections or reports that will help or may be relied in the future phases. Our services fall into 3 major areas:
a) Property evaluation (land and/or building), 
b) Property damage resulting from design or construction
c) Assessment of property dilapidation.
Design: Throughout the design of the project, we provide the Owner with critical information and guidance to ensure that the design matches the Owner's original intent, program and budget. We also provide essential input regarding permit, cost, schedule, quality and detail of the drawings.
Construction: We manage the construction process, including the work of all the contractors and technicians, so that each follows and understands the project design and schedule. We also manage change orders to ensure minimal cost and delay to the project. In short, we manage every aspect of the project to assure quality construction, schedule and adherence to the Owner's budget.
Close-out: As construction activities comes to an end, our continued attention during this phase assures that the Owner receives all materials, services, and training that is required and desired by the Owner.
Maintenance: We provide Facilities Management, similar to Property Management, is a structured management and operations of the common areas of an existing building and landscape. While the major expertise required Facilities Management is engineering and technical services, 8 disciplines are normally enveloped in our service line these are general administration, FORENSIC EVALUATION, BUILDING & LAND MAINTENANCE, SERVICE SUPPORT, HOUSEKEEPING and sanitation, GARDENING SERVICES, POOL MAINTENANCE, SITE SURVEILLANCE